Thursday, December 10, 2015

Free Guitar Rhythm Game, Guitar Hero Free Version

Frets of Fire (FoF) is a complimentary, open-source Finnish music game created by Unreal Voodoo. Players use the keyboard to play together with markers which glimpse on screen, using the aim to report points, achieve a high point multiplier, in addition to complete a tune. Frets of Fire was the winner with the Assembly 2006 game development competition.

The game is written within the Python programming terminology, and is licensed beneath GNU General Open public License, although the sport incorporates other no cost and open-source code under other licenses. The game's integrated song files and some internal fonts usually are proprietary, and their redistribution seriously isn't permitted outside of the Frets of Fire executable.

Frets of Fire is a game that imitates this commercial game Classical guitar Hero. It can be playable on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux. You presses buttons with time to coloured indicators, which appear on-screen, the markers are matched using the rhythm of this music. Frets on Fire could be played using a keyboard by important the fret control keys and pick control keys, although there can be support for joysticks, which means that with the suitable adapter and/or software program, various guitar-type controllers may be used as well.

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fakta Unik tentang Umur kucing !

Rata - rata umur kucing berada di antara umur 15 - 16 tahun. Setiap Kucing jantan mencapai kematangan seksual pada saat umur 9-12 bulan, sedangkan kucing betina 6-10 bulan. Nah lalu bagaimana cara nya menghitung umur kucing untuk menyamakan perkiraan umur kucing dengan manusia ?, ternyata ada rumusnya lho. untuk menghitungnya mari kita ambil angka 20 sebagai umur awal si kucing. Kemudian tambahkan 4 tahun umur manusia ke setiap tahun umur kucing, jadi secara simple nya misal umur kucing tersebut 2 tahun, maka umur kucing adalah 24, kenapa 24 ? karena tahun pertama kucing sudah di ambil untuk angkat 20. Dan di dapatkan 24 adalah hasil dari 20 + (4x1).

Rumus nya seperti ini 20 + (4x(UmurKucing - 1)) = umurkucing.

Nah itulah fakta unik kucing yang berkaitan dengan  umurnya. Mau tau fakta kucing yang lain ? Silahkan klik sumber berikut ini read more..